Akiva Primary School

Based in North West London, the School appointed a catering contractor in 2008, but after two years of operation it was clear that the catering contract afforded little protection to the school and was costing the school considerable amounts of money – a situation that was forecast to worsen. In all good faith the School had accepted the Caterer’s terms and conditions which were subsequently found to be unduly onerous on the school and left the school with much of the commercial risk of providing the catering service.

The school appointed Educo in 2010. Following a review of the catering service, on behalf of the school, Educo re-negotiated the catering contract with the Caterer to ensure that going forward all commercial risk resided with the Caterer and not the School. Educo are experienced negotiators and understand the nuances of catering contracts. Educo expect all appointed Caterers to follow the Educo catering contract which is specifically designed to provide best practise and protection for the school. In this instance the catering service itself was of an acceptable standard – it was a matter of getting the underlying financials correct and working in favour of the School.

The Caterer agreed to work with the School using the Educo catering contract and consequently the commercial risk has now all passed to the Caterer. The school’s financial contribution to the catering service has vastly reduced whereas the food quality and service has dramatically improved along with uptake.

In this instance an existing satisfactory service has been managed to the school’s benefit whilst retaining the goodwill of the Caterer. The commercial risk that had been financially costing the school has been passed back to the caterer and is now managed appropriately. The school have subsequently relied on Educo to assist the development of a strong working relationship between themselves and the Caterer. The use of the Educo catering contract which gives all the necessary protections to the School has facilitated clear responsibilities for both parties.