Catering for all

When establishing the catering service for your school Educo will work with Head Teachers, Governors and Bursars to establish the specific needs and tastes of the whole school community. The catering service specification sets out the aspirations for the service. A crucial part of Educo’s process is to maximise school meal take-up.

At the outset of the process Educo will work with the school to create a detailed specification of the catering service which will include the establishment and maintenance of the Soil Association Food for Life certified standards. These standards maintain the nutritional content of the food whilst at the same time making the food appealing to discerning eaters.

Once the catering service and aspirations are agreed there follows a competitive tender. This leads to an award of the contract for the provision of the catering service. It is a requirement of all Educo appointed caterers to work with the Educo Catering Agreement, a clear established document setting out both the caterer’s and the school’s responsibilities.

The exciting Food for Life compliant menus are planned on a cyclical basis offering  a selection of both traditional British options such as roast dinners or fish and chips and dishes from cuisines around the world such  as a tasty biryani, tagine or moussaka. It is also crucial that each day a vegetarian meal is available and all Educo Catering Agreements demand at least two main meal options. The main meal will always be complemented with a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables, potatoes, rice or other carbohydrate and freshly made bread. The daily pudding offer will also be a choice of the day’s fresh home-made dessert, cheese and biscuits or fresh seasonal fruit. Offering choice and quality underpins each and every meal that each pupil is offered at school.

Educo is an independent catering & facilities management consultancy working exclusively for the UK education sector. Educo work with special, primary and secondary schools, multi academy trusts and further education establishments providing a comprehensive range of services to help Head Teachers, Governors and Bursars establish service levels, monitor and improve the performance of their school meals catering provision.