Brent Knoll School

Brent Knoll is a Cooperative Trust special school for children aged 4 -16 with complex social, communication and interaction difficulties including autism.

Our catering was previously managed by the local authority and was not delivering the food or service for our School. We engaged Educo, a specialist consultancy. Educo worked with us setting out an aspirational specification of services that was then used as part of an OJEU tender. This was entirely funded by Educo.

The tender resulted in the appointment of a specialist Catering provider working within the demands of the bespoke Educo Catering Agreement. This gives the School all the legal protections we need and ensured the School received the meal service all our pupils required. Although the existing catering staff transferred to the new caterer through the TUPE process some staff left but those who stayed have been trained and developed into more professional caterers that deliver the quality of service we require each day. We have a tasty selection of meals every day, the requirements of the service is clearly defined and meals are prepared to the highest level against demanding KPI’s that Educo monitors for us

Educo continue to manage our catering service and provide on-going regular reports, on-site audits and ensuring our meal service continues to develop.