Oaks Park High School – Cleaning Case Study

Having always been included in the local authority, one size fits all cleaning contract the School wanted a more bespoke cleaning service that reflected the unique needs of their campus. Educo worked extensively with the School to understand the cleaning aspirations and day to day needs and reflected these in a detailed Cleaning Specification.

Having established the School’s needs Educo managed a 2 stage OJEU tender which resulted in several highly competitive tenders being submitted which were all scored and evaluated prior to an extensive interview process. The result of which was a new contract cleaner being offered a bespoke fixed price Cleaning Agreement with the School.

The cleaning staff were transferred to their new employer by the TUPE process and mobilisation proved successful when all staff were given extensive training. The new cleaning contractor has  installed new equipment to improve productivity and develop modern working practices. Furthermore, key roles such as a Day Janitor have been created to deal with all the day to day cleaning issues that come up in a typical school day.