Oakfield Federation

The Federation of Forster Park and Rangefield was keen to develop the Schools’ meal service so contracted with Educo to run a competitive tender which resulted in a new caterer being appointed. It was important to the Federation that although the Schools would have one caterer the consistency of the meal service across the two schools needed to be improved and the food needed to reflect the specifics of each school’s pupil intake.

As a result of the tender, the Federation has a commercial catering agreement which incorporates key performance indicators that the caterer has to deliver each day at both Schools. This is clearly driving up the meal quality and that is leading to more pupils having a lunch each day. The pupils and adult users of the Service are now seeing and enjoying a choice of fresh food cooked on site every day served with fresh vegetables, salads and bread as well as a lovely choice of desserts and fresh fruit.

During the pandemic Educo worked with the Federation to make sure all the Free School Meal pupils had the option of a good quality food hamper which was in keeping with the Soil Association, Silver Food for Life standards now established at the Schools. Additionally, throughout the shutdowns the key worker and at-risk pupils had a hot meal while they were in School