Davenant – Cleaning Case Study

Davenant Foundation School has been working with Educo since 2011 when Educo assisted the school with the development of a new catering contract, which has subsequently been contract managed by them. At the beginning of 2014 we recognised that our in house cleaning provision was in need of review and because we didn’t want to move to a third party cleaning service, we engaged Educo to review our in house cleaning service and set out where efficiencies and improvements could be made.

Over two terms Educo worked with our cleaning team, reviewing work patterns and practices as well as people management and performance monitoring.

As a result of the Educo evaluation we have improved shift working, job descriptions for all cleaning staff, a new management and monitoring system as well as an established Health and Safety and COSHH processes.

Following the introduction of an extensive Educo professional development programme for all cleaning staff, to include the cleaning supervisor and manager we have a better motivated and focussed cleaning team that manages everything from deep cleans to daily cleaning tasks.