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Catering Blog

9 September 2020

Throughout the 2020 Summer Term school closures, Educo ensured that in all relevant schools each of its appointed caterers provided hot, delicious meals for the children of Key Workers.  Additionally,  packed lunches and  food hampers were supplied to those pupils eligible for Free School Meals.  Educo worked with catering suppliers and Government to provide guidance […]

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Cleaning Blog

9 September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic provided an enormous test of many services within schools and in particular the safe and effective cleaning of school premises. Schools which have been working with Educo to partner their cleaning suppliers were tested fully and found to be in rude health. All Educo client schools have robust cleaning systems detailed within […]

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Is your school catering service still delivering?

16 January 2018

The school meal is a critical part of the day, but can sometimes disappoint because of the dining environment, poor quality ingredients or unimaginative food being served to pupils and staff. This can impact on school meal take up and therefore the financial viability of the service.  Whatever the issue, it is important to establish […]

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Catering for all

8 January 2018

When establishing the catering service for your school Educo will work with Head Teachers, Governors and Bursars to establish the specific needs and tastes of the whole school community. The catering service specification sets out the aspirations for the service. A crucial part of Educo’s process is to maximise school meal take-up. At the outset of the […]

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The value of the school meal

17 November 2017

Providing hundreds of tasty, healthy and fresh school meals every lunch time within a limited timeframe is a crucial part of the school day. Sadly, since many pupils rely on their school lunch for their main hot meal it’s doubly important that the food served is the best it can possibly be and will be […]

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