Cleaning Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic provided an enormous test of many services within schools and in particular the safe and effective cleaning of school premises. Schools which have been working with Educo to partner their cleaning suppliers were tested fully and found to be in rude health. All Educo client schools have robust cleaning systems detailed within each of their School Cleaning Specifications, so although enhancements were required to update the core cleaning processes to be COVID-19 relevant all else was in place.

To be COVID-19 relevant, Cleaning Specifications for contractors were immediately updated to establish hand cleaning stations and changes to cleaning process chemicals to provide a protective barriers to the COVID-19 virus.

Educo appointed cleaning contractors were at the forefront of delivering COVID-19 protection for both pupils and adults in schools

Furthermore, with the addition of a Day Janitor which is a role well established in many Educo client schools additional day cleaning was seamlessly introduced at minimal cost.