Holy Trinity – Cleaning Case Study

Over five years ago Holy Trinity engaged Educo, a catering and facilities management consultancy, to assist with the development of the School catering provision which has now been transformed and continues to be excellent.

Last year our Cleaning Contract was coming up for termination and we instructed Educo to audit the School’s cleaning services and to assist us with the specification and tender for a new cleaning contractor.

Educo reviewed the service to which we were contracted and developed a new specification that showed a substantial additional cleaning need to improve the School environment and maintain a value driven service.

The specification, tender and new contract mobilisation was undertaken by Educo and we have appointed and now work with a cleaning company that is focused on the School’s market and is understanding of our needs. The contractor cleans our School to an improved set of standards, with a motivated cleaning team who daily deliver a clean school. The fee we pay Educo also covers an annual audit and physical inspection of the cleaning service. Also through a monthly review of Key Performance Indicators the cleanliness of the School is benchmarked against our bespoke cleaning contract and specification. The cleaning service is flexible to the School’s demands and we maintain and are alert to ever changing best practice and the demands of Health and Safety legislation.