Brent Knoll School – Cleaning Case Study

Brent Knoll is a Cooperative Trust special school for children aged 4 -16 with complex social, communication and interaction difficulties including autism.

Having worked with Educo for our catering tender we again worked with them for our cleaning tender which they ran through a benchmarking exercise. Our School is a new build and Educo produced a detailed Specification which set out the clear requirements. This covered both our daily and periodic needs as well as the deep-cleans. The bids received in the tender were thoroughly evaluated and presented to us by Educo allowing clarity for our selection process. Once the cleaning contractor was selected Educo set up a formal legal agreement setting out all our aspirational demands with KPI’s against which the cleaning contractor is monitored and fined in the event of non-performance.

Educo funded the entire tender cost and mobilisation only invoicing us at the end of the first term’s service.

Educo continue to manage our cleaning agreement regularly reporting to us and auditing the cleaning ensuring the cleaner delivers against the contract and developing best practice