Woodbridge High School

A large secondary school in East London, the school became Educo clients in 2006 when the existing catering service was being run by a large multi-national catering company who were clearly underperforming. The quality of food was very poor and investment by the caterer in the catering service was non-existent. There was little if any financial information available to the school and the catering service was costing the school budget considerable sums of money.

In partnership with the school, Educo implemented its three step model and managed an OJUE compliant tender process leading to the appointment of a new catering contractor, with all the operating matters including financial responsibility and commercial risk passing to the newly appointed contractor. The Caterer and the School both signed up to the bespoke terms and conditions of the Educo catering contract which gives all the necessary protections to the School.

Under the new service the food options have developed considerably with the provision of a healthy good value meal. On a daily basis there are multiple food options, from grab and go, to a full menu service. The food quality is excellent, the number of school meals eaten has tripled. Regular service and financial monitoring and improved communications ensure clear objectives and targets are known to the kitchen staff and catering management. The Caterer works in partnership with the School and Educo to ensure ongoing best practice and to implement continual improvements to the catering service.

Instead of the meal service being a drain on the school budget, Woodbridge now receives a substantial surplus from the meals service which contributes meaningfully towards the school budget.